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Litigation and Trial Preparation Services
Webster Communications provides a wide range of evidence media management, presentation and forensic services to litigants in both civil and criminal cases. Our PowerPoint design services include the integration of audio and video content directly in the presentation with selected clips just a click away.
Webster Communications' audio restoration and noise reduction services can add clarity to surveillance recordings and recorded depositions. These audio enhancements can be applied to both video and audio recordings. Hums, buzzes, fan noise, machinery noise and traffic noise can all be reduced to reveal the desired content.
Webster Communications can provide video enhancement to security and surveillance video materials. We can enlarge frames, produce slow motion versions, highlight details and deliver still frames as print and PowerPoint elements.
We are experienced in documenting re-creations and technical demonstrations. In many cases a complex technical concept can be simply demonstrated and be very persuasive.
We can transfer and index a wide variety of audio and video content for review and presentation. Converting from obsolete analog formats to current digital applications makes for faster access and more flexible presentation options. We can index CD-s and DVD-s to specific content points on transcripts or logs for easy access. Again, audio noise reduction services can increase the intelligibility of older materials.
Webster Communications can integrate audio and video content directly into PowerPoint presentations. Direct integration of multi media elements means that presentations run smoothly and the audience can easily follow the train of argument.
Our digital imaging services include the preparation of digital photographic enlargements, mounted and laminated for presentation use. We can scan film negatives, slides and reflective materials for enlargement. Highlighting, arrows, and lines can be added to images for greater content clarity.