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Event Technical Services
Large meetings, events and trade shows have become increasingly complex operations. Event and meeting planners are looking for more and more dazzling ways to impress their audiences. Webster Communications is a leader in event and meetings technical management. Contemporary meetings are as much about show business as they are about presentation content. We have decades of experience in the entertainment industry and are fully prepared to make our client's meeting a memorable occasion.
We provide complete pre-event planning including site surveys, staging, lighting and audio/visual design and specifications, budgets and bidding; and coordination between the event organizers, the venue and the presenters. Acting independently of both the venue and the audio/visual contractor, Webster Communications is the technical representative of the event organizer. This independence allows us to maximize the resources available with out the inherent conflicts in vendor relationships.
Webster Communications provides complete staging design including room décor, sets, lights, sound, projection, and image magnification. We are experienced in hotels and convention centers throughout North America and can optimize our designs to meet the event planners needs and budget.
Webster Communications will bid out and evaluate proposals for technical services with an eye to completeness of the proposal, suitability for the venue and reliability of the contractor. We then offer our recommendation to the event organizer for their final decision and contract.
Webster Communications is widely experienced in designing and coordinating the event schedule to include all the necessary time for load in, setup, testing, sound checks, rehearsals, and show timing. Our on-site supervision insures that all of the required technical facilities are in place, operational and rehearsed. We work closely with presenters and entertainers to insure that all of their technical requirements are fully met. Our shows run smoothly and on schedule.
At the end of the event, we supervise the load out and clearing of the event space to the satisfaction of the venue contract. We also work with our clients to review each event and offer suggestions for improving future shows.